Shulan Wang is a Chinese photographer, based in Paris, France. She is mainly engaged in black and white art photography, thinking about how to find eternal existence in the poetic chaos from naturalistic materials. Her works cover landscapes, animals, portraits, still life, etc. Before starting photography, she mainly did architecture and interior design for couples of years, which built her basic artistic aesthetic orientation and philosophical guidance. She focus on the questions of mind and consciousness, and advocates to balance the relationship between human and nature, opposes blindly pure commercial photography. Simple and natural objects are the subjects she likes to explore and capture. She believes people start from nature and finally end in nature, and in nature, people will finally find where they belong. Nature, is also the infinity leading to art. In her visual language, she adds her poetic fantasy to her works, her work is mysterious and dreamy, and at the same times, they are also very personal. In techniques, in addition to combine the studio with documentary, she also studies different photosensitive material for camera-less photography.




2019-2020: Spéos international photography school, photography, master
2018-2019: University of Westminster, interior design, master 
2013-2017: China Academy of Art, environmental art design, bachelor




2021: Exhibition, L’avenir de l’homme et notre représentation du monde, Paris, France

2021: Exhibition, La division : individualisation écologique silencieuse, Paris, France

2020: Spéos Photo Awards 2020: First prize ex aequo, published by SLIDE magazine, Paris, France

2020: Exhibition, Spéos End-of-the-year 2020 Exhibition (online), Paris, France

2019: Curation, Cheongsam exhibition for Danfeng Mo, Ningbo, China 

2016-2018: Intern, RUN Architecture Studio, Shanghai, China

2015-2016: Design stage sets, teamwork in Samuel Beckett workshop, Hangzhou, China

2013-2015: Volunteer, "Love" association, Hangzhou, China


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